The Way Client Investment Should Be

We generate strong returns for our clients whilst maintaining a high cash weighting. We have ridden market highs, but more importantly, been tested by market corrections. We understand the importance of protecting portfolios from market volatility and believe the safest way to do this is by holding cash.

708 Capital was founded in 2010 and our team of advisors have over 50 years of combined ASX equity market experience.

Our Managed Portfolio Service has achieved strong returns for our clients over the medium term.

We offer our clients a simple fee-structure that rewards performance.

Historic performance and returns cannot be guaranteed in the future.

What Does 708 Stand For?

s.708 is a section of the Corporations Act of Australia that designates the thresholds that determine whether an investor can be certified as “sophisticated or wholesale”.

At 708 Capital, our model is tailored toward high-net-worth and sophisticated investors. Many of the opportunities we offer our clients can only be offered to investors who meet the thresholds detailed under s.708.

Please contact us to see your circumstances meet our requirements.

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